ASU Mailbox 2021 (Half Term)

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Student Must Present Valid Student ID at the ASU Information Desk to Pick Up Mailbox Key
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* Keys will not be available until Wednesday August 30*


Guidelines to Renting an ASU Mailbox

1.Mailboxes will remain valid until April 30th of the next year (staff, on campus, and off campus students can open mailboxes)

2.Mailboxes will need to be renewed or closed before April 30th, 2018.

3.Lost mailbox keys are subject to a $25.00 + tax replacement fee (there are no refunds on key replacements). If your mailbox is not renewed by April 30th or your key is not returned by this date, you will be subject to the replacement key charge.

4.If you are a student who requires an accessible mailbox, please contact: Alicia Johnson at

5.You are UNABLE to receive mail to your residence room. All mail sent to residences as well as improperly marked mail will be returned to sender

6. The mailbox can be purchased and signed out in one name only (NO SHARING MAILBOXES) Mail that is improperly addresses will be returned to sender. Please make sure your name is on your parcel.

7.Packages cannot be mailed from the Union Market. We are only able to post letters and Express Post envelopes from this location.

8.The mailbox is not transferrable to another person

9.If you have received a package via Canada Post, a parcel slip will be placed in your mailbox. You can pick up your parcel at the Union Market after hours. Parcels not retrieved in 2 weeks will be returned to sender (have your student ID card with you when you go to pick up your parcel)

10.Mailboxes must be checked on a bi-weekly basis. Mail that has accumulated and has not been picked up will be returned to sender and the box will be closed unless prior arrangements have been made (this should be especially considered in the summer months)
11.Mail delivery takes place on regular business days (Monday to Friday) except for holidays. Mail will be sorted by 2pm each day (after 2 pm, packages are brought up from the mailroom). Outgoing mail leaves at 3 pm daily

12.There are no refunds on mailboxes purchased

13.Any package or letter received that is deemed suspicious will automatically be turned over to Acadia Safety and Security without notification

14.Canada Post is unable to offer mail forwarding to P.O. boxes located on the Acadia University campus

15.You cannot get parcels sent to the Union Market in your name; it must be mailed to your corresponding P.O. Box number. Any parcels sent to the Union Market rather than the corresponding box number will be returned to sender

16. We ONLY accept parcels via Canada Post, Purolator and UPS (Not FedEx. Etc.). If you are receiving a parcel via a courier service, you should use your residence address. PURALATOR OR UPS after failing to deliver the parcel, will drop it off at the Union Market for you to pick up. You MUST present a valid piece of government issued photo ID to pick up your parcel.  Another option is to send it as a Hold for Pick up item through Purolator using the location number (RA2028).

Your Mailing Address will be:


ASU Box #_____

Acadia University

Wolfville, N.S

B4P 2R5