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Custom Clothing

Cajuns Custom Orders

Art Work Specifications

Screen Printing (ink design)

  • This may between 2- 4 weeks
  • Additional colors in the artwork (more then 1) will increase the cost
  • The maximum dimensions of the artwork are a 12” by 12” square. Artwork that is rectangular cannot be stretched past these maximum dimensions (as it will distort the quality of the image)
  • Artwork should be high resolution (300 pixels per square inch)
  • Ideal format is Adobe Illustrator with Vectors, however we are able to work with whatever is supplied (artwork fees may apply depending on quality of artwork provided)
  • Minimum quantity; 12 units (per artwork per location)


Embroidering (Stitched Design)

  • This can take 4-6 weeks 
  • For individual embroidering (name, degree, etc. on one item) it costs $7.50
  • No additional costs will be applied with the use of stock designs (Acadia ‘A’, coat of arms) Text variations are free of charge
  • New design cost for setup is on average $20 for small logos (Left Breast, Hats Etc.) Larger design average around $50 (Front chest, etc.)

Heat Transfer (Vinyl Application)

  • This may take up to two weeks
  • Artwork should be high resolution (300 DPI)
  • Price is based on size of design
  • No color limitations
  • No minimum quantity requirements 


With Cajuns custom orders, the more you order, the lower the price is.


Ready to Order?

Step 1:

Choose your clothing

  • We offer speciality brands like Champion, Roots, and Adidas. 
  •  If you’d like to check out more styles check out the following websites for a broad selection:
  • Alphabroder.com
  • Technosport.com


Step 2

Choose artwork and method of printing

  • We can easily modify any Acadia stock designs
  • If you have a custom design in mind, contact as at and we can work with you to make it easily transferable to garments 


Step 3

Gage interest

  • Once we’ve established what you want and how you want it printed, we can easily provide a quote, we just need to have an idea of how many units you want

Get your quote!


To order or get more info please contact cajuns@acadiau.ca