Hacha Java, Exclusive Acadia Coffee Blend, Just Us

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  • Acadia is the first Fair Trade Campus in the Maritimes, meaning;
    • o   All coffee sold on campus is fair trade certified,
    • o   Three certified fair trade teas are offered at all locations where tea is sold,
    • o   One certified fair trade chocolate option is available at all locations where chocolate is sold, and
    • o   Acadia hosts two events per year to promote Fair Trade and socially responsible consumption.


  • About Hacha Java:
    • o   Hacha means ‘Axe’ in Spanish
    • o   The design for the coffee was made by Kinesiology student, Quinten Horvath
    • o   This coffee blend is sold at most cafes on campus
    • o   The blend is customized and only sold at Acadia and through Just US’s online store and was initiated through a student led campaign for socially responsible consumption on campus.


  • Fair Trade products support:
    • o   Equitable compensation for farmers and agricultural producers,
    • o   No child/forced labour,
    • o   Good working conditions,
    • o   Equity and inclusion in the workplace,
    • o   Democratically organized farms, and
    • o   Environmentally responsible agricultural practices.


  • Other Facts:
    • o   Wolfville was the first Fair Trade certified town in Canada
    • o   Just US! was the first Fair Trade certified coffee roster in Canada
    • o   Acadia and the ASU are devoted to selling products on campus that reflect their vision to promote social and environmental justice, this certification is just part of a larger series of on-campus initiatives that do just that.