Onesie, Adult Footless Onesie, Plaid

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Unisex - our casual fit looks and feels good on him or her

100% Polyester Polar Fleece - soft, warm and long lasting

It’s Footless - for all your outdoor adventures

Nylon Zipper - not only does it stand out, it’s heavy duty for frequent zips

Cozy Hood - for ultimate coziness or bad hair days

Hand Warmer Pockets - need we say more?

Elastic Cuff Leg - keeps the cold stuff out and the warm stuff in

Machine Washable - means this onesie is durable and easy to love

Made In Canada

Sizing Guide

height (in): 4'6 to 4'9
weight (lbs): 70 to 90
height (in): 4'10 to 5'1
weight (lbs): 90 to 110
height (in): 5'1 to 5'5
weight (lbs): 110 to 140
height (in): 5'4 to 5'9
weight (lbs): 135 to 170
height (in): 5'8 to 6'
weight (lbs): 170 to 200
height (in): 5'10 to 6'4
weight (lbs): 200 to 240